Friday, August 29, 2008

Week 1!

Well, we made it through week one of SCHOOL! Brandon cried and vomited all wednesday night. I think maybe he ate something wrong or got a 24hr bug or maybe he was just too tired!!! I don't know , but he woke up ready for school and had a great day! The only problem was he couldn't find his classroom on Thursday. A little girl found him in the lunch room crying. She got someone to take him to his classroom. He was ok!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WES 8-27-08

Brandon cried a little today! 5 times to be exact! My heart was breaking and Ryan just looked in amazment! I could tell he was thinking " I'm glad I am going to Mom-Mom Glori's and not to school!"

Brandon was crying not because he didn't want to go to school, but I think because he was tired. School all day takes alot out of you, as we all know!! And this is something that Brandon is not used to. He has always been under the careful watch of Mommy & Daddy, his family and his A1-sitter Mom-Mom Glori, and when he was tired we could sense it and stop the play and settle the boys down to watch a movie or somthing calming! Not any more! It is time for my baby to grow-up!!!! I think he will be fine he is a smart boy!

Ryan is very upset not having Brandon around! He has been with him 24/7 since he was born! This is so difficult for him! Monday afternoon he cried all the way home. But the funny thing is , the two boys fought the rest of the night! Go figure!

Two minutes before the bus was due to arrive, Brandon shut the tips of his fingers in the door window, It wasn't bad but it stared another crying spell! My poor baby! Calmed down again we waited for the bus! "Here it comes" Ryan yells! Then all at once he runs over to Brandon and gives him a big hug and a kiss! Together Ryan and I say " Bye Brandon, I Love You! " and Brandon gets on the Bus!

This starts the another (Butterfly Filled Stomach)Day in the life of Supper Mommy!

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School! The BUS!

Here Comes the BUS! Mr. & Mrs. Dorsey is his bus drivers!

My Baby!
Bye Brandon! Have a Good Day!

First Day of School! Waiting For the BUS!

The night before School!

Daddy & Brandon, the night before the first day of School at WES!

Pictures from on the 8-23-08!

Danny & Natalie's Birthday party! 8-2-08

We wnet to Danny and Natalie's Birthday Party Saturday! It was a great day! They had a magician and Brandon got to be a helper on stage! He thought he was "Hot Stuff"!

Brandon's Last Day at Mom-mom Gloria's 8-22-08

We went to the Park in town and walked along the board walk, went to see the light house and eat ice cream & french fries at theWater Front Grill!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Park! 8-20-2008

Mom-Mom Glori, Zacky, Ethan, Ryan, Brandon and myself went to the Havre de Grace park to celibrate the "End of Summer" and the "Begining of a new school year"!!! And the Ending of Brandon Going to Mom-Mom Glori's everyday! I think we are all alittle sad!!!!
Gloria is a God sent special part of our family!
As Mom-Mom Sissy would say " it's time for the little birdy to jump out of the nest and
fly alone"!

Thank you for everything Mom-Mom Glori!!!!!


Shopping went Good! They got shoes, lunch boxes, tiger sissors and a bunch more stuff! Two of everything! Ryan wants to be a big boy too!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School Shopping!

Today we are going school shopping fro the first time! What a day! I think Ed is more nervous than I am!

Bath Tub FUN!

My BOYS haveing some FUN in the tub after a night at the Farm!

Silly Boys!
They use the big tub more than I do!

Summer Time ATC Swap!

Wendy and I joined another ATC Swap ! I had a crazy time with this one. Wendy worked so hard at her cards. And you could tell ! They looked Great!
Wendy's Picnic cards!
Wendy's Beach cards!
So I worked on a set of cards that I called " Have a BALL this Summer!" They were cute but not my best work! So on the day that I was to send the ATC's I lost them and had to make a new set in all of 10 minutes or less! And here they are!!!! The good part of it all I like these cards better them the BALL cards!

3 Birthday Weekend!

This weekend we had 3 birthday Parties! Kirby- 2, Landon-2 and Nickolas -5.
We had a GREAT time!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 Summer Vacation!

We had a GREAT Summer Vacation ! On Monday July 14th we went to Dutch Wonderland!

On Tuesday July 15 we went to the Smithsonian Institute.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Betterton Beach 8-9-08!

Fun at Betterton Beach!
Brandon with his Water melon!

kaytlyn- in the Summer Sun!

Lunch time with M0m-m0m!

Me and my Boys!

Father - Son & Grand-Daughter!

Triple Trouble!